Free Shoulder Power Kit!

The ULTIMATE Mobility Tool for Lifters

Not making the progress you want in your training due to your shoulders?? 


"I'm loving the UBALL! In the past, I have used trigger point therapy products but your UBALL gets into areas that my other equipment cannot reach." -Damian D. 

You've got the drive, now dial it in with the right tools. Inside is a FREE Digital Power Kit geared towards getting your Shoulders ready for some heavy LIFTING.

Look out for us on KICKSTARTER!! Coming Soon in the Summer of 2017.

"LOVE IT! Love it. It's easy to use and it's so effective! So much, that I recommend it to my physical therapy patients and Crossfitters. As a PT who specializes in Mobility, it has been on the high end of my recommendations! And I work with many Crossfitters, they are my main clientele! Awesome product" - Sue Bradley, Physical Therapist and Crossfit/Mobility Coach

Improve Mobility

One wrong move can set you back for weeks, even months. Get back into your training and improve your mobitliy in the ever so important shoulders with the POWER KIT.

Reduce Pain 

Pain can be scary, especially the ongoing kind. Something as simple, yet effective, as a deep tissue massage can reduce and even ELIMINATE that PAIN! Get your POWER KIT to help out your shoulder pain.

Movement Magic

What's cool about rockets?? They Magic!! What's cool about the UBALL? It helps you Magic!! Movement Magic!! Rocket your movement patters with the POWER KIT and the ULTIMATE Mobility Tool - the UBALL. 

Knot Buster

What's nice about knots/trigger points? Yea...not a whole lot...know what's nice about the POWER KIT?? It helps remove those naughty knots, especially for the important shoulders. 

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I have been on my journey to improving my mobility and living an acitive, pain-free lifestyle for many years now. Through this journey, I have gotten hurt, torn stuff that shouldn't have been torn, and also been a bad car accident which lead to many therapy sessions and deep tissue massages as well as researched everything I can get my hands on to better understand why I'm experience my pain and to move better. Then, I had an empihpany: the UBALL. To read more about my story, please click on the green link.  

It is a pleasure to be on this journey to better mobility, movement, and performance together with you.  




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